Northern Railway train service comes to a halt as a result of Train derailment


Train plying from Pothuhera to Polgahawela derailed early this morning.

The Railway Control Room said that a night-mail train arriving from Trincomalee had derailed at around 2.45 a.m. this morning.

Two compartments of the Batticaloa – Trincomalee train had derailed in this manner.

The Railway Control Room noted that measures are underway to put the train back on its tracks.

Due to this derailment, trains services on the Northern Railway line were temporarily halted.

The Railway Control Room added that accordingly, train services from Colombo will stop at Polgahawela while trains coming to Colombo will stop at Kurunegala.

Measures were already taken to transport passengers from Kurungeala and Polgahawela using buses to allow passengers to reach their destinations.

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