Two persons nabbed with 36 Counterfeit notes


The two persons have produced a counterfeit note of Rs.1000 to purchase a bar of soap at a shop in Udugama Western area. On suspicion the shop owner has examined the note and with the help of a few other have apprehended the suspects and informed the police.  

The Udugama police have arrived at the shop and on inspection found 20 counterfeit notes in possession of one of them. And another 15 such notes with the other altogether 36 notes along with the Rs.1000 note they produced to the shop owner.  

Police states that one of the suspect is a forty three year old electrician from Thelikada area while the other is a thirty five year old daily wage employee from   Nakudumbiya area.  
Crime investigation department carried out inspection today while the Udugama police conducts further investigation.

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