An appeal from Wele Suda against the death sentence


Gampola Vidaanagey Samantha Kumaara alias Veley Sudaa filed a petition through his lawyers yesterday against imposing death sentence on him.

In his petition Veley Sudaa submits to the Appeal Court that the evidence put forward against him at the hearing at High Court were contradictory. 

Gampola Vithanage Samantha Kumara alias Vele Suda who was found guilty of possessing and dealing heroin was sentenced to death yesterday by Colombo High Court Judge Prithi Padman Surasena.

The verdict was given after hearing the case continuously for three months.

Vele Suda was indicted by the Attorney general for possessing and selling 7.05 grams of heroin at Mt. Lavinia on December 4th of 2008.

The Police Narcotic Bureau and the government Analyst were the main witnesses of the case against Vele Suda.


When the Judge asked whether the suspect had anything to say on his defence, the suspect said that there is no truth in the charges made against him.


However, Judge Padman Surasena stated that the evidence produced by the Attorney General have proved the charges against the suspect beyond doubt.


Meanwhile, another case against Vele Suda under the Money Laundering Act is also heard in Court.

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