A judge reveals the reality with regard to child abuse


Justice Khemaa Swarnaa-dhipathi said that the majority of the 25 court cases recently instituted at the Anuradhapura special High Court were child abuses committed by fathers, fathers’ younger brothers and mothers’ brothers.

On this occasion the Justice said that child abuses are reported more from rural areas than from urban areas.

Justice Khemaa Swarnaa-dhipathi points out that while the risk of particularly children facing such situations is more in the dry zone, parents’ ignorance and child labour cause such abuse.

Underage marriage, unplanned childbirth and poverty too are among the causes of child sexual abuse. 

Justice Khemaa Swarnaa-dhipathi said that in most cases such children are subjected to such situations more than once.

The Justice pointed out further that the absence of sexual education to children is also a reason for the increase in child abuse incidents.

A special High Court was set up at the Anuradhapura Court Complex one and a half years ago for considering cases connected with child abuse incidences and terrorist activities.

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