Dalada Perehara organisers in difficulty to find tuskers to flank the casket


A problem has occurred during the selection of two tuskers who will flank the Casket bearing tusker for the Esala Procession of the Temple of the Tooth Relic this year.

The problem occurred since the two chosen tuskers have developed a grudge towards the tusker Indiraja who bears the casket.

According to the Chief Custodian Pradeep Nilanga Daela, that they will deploy Nandun-gamuwe Raja tusker of the Ruhunu Kataragama Devale .

He further stated that even though it was not difficult to find tuskers to bear the casket, it has been an issue of finding tuskers to flank the casket bearer.

The first Kumbal procession of the Temple of the Tooth Relic will begin on the 1st of August, while the first Randoli procession will parade the streets on the 5th of August.

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