A report to be submitted to the Defence Ministry tomorrow


The Navy stated that it has concluded the investigations on the Avent Garde vessel that docked at the Galle harbor carrying illegal weapons.

A navy spokesperson stated that a report will be submitted to the Defence Ministry tomorrow.

Subsequently an independent committee will further probe the case.

A Senior Navy spokesman told our news team that the case of the Avent Garde vessel would be handed over to police to enable them to take necessary action according to civil law.

A senior spokesman of the Navy stated that the documents submitted by the Avent Garde to the Navy before its arrival to the harbor had not mentioned that it is carrying weapons.

It was also informed that the vessel is captained by a Sri Lankan.

However, a Ukrainian captain was found in charge of the Vessel when it arrived at the Galle Harbor.

The authorities on board have revealed that the cache of weapons scheduled to be handed over to Rakna Lanka Company. 

Sri Lanka Navy initiated a special investigation with regard to the Avent Garde Vessel as the information provided by the vessel authorities were contradictory.

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