Government informs SC that the new Telecommunication tariff draft bill will be withdrawn from Parliamentary agenda


A petition that MEP Vice Chairman Somaweera Chandrasiri had filed stating that the Telecommunication Tariff draft Bill tabled in parliament recently was flawed, was taken up for hearing yesterday.

That was before a bench of three judges including Chief Justice K. Sripavan.

The consideration of the petition is scheduled to be held on 8th this month.

It had been stated in the petition that due to the connectivity problems contained in the draft Telecommunication Tariff Bill, the subscribers would be required to pay tariff twice.  

The Deputy Solicitor General had submitted a letter to the Supreme Court yesterday stating the matter accordingly.

It is stated in the letter that according to Finance Minister’s orders the draft Telecommunication Tariff Bill has been deleted from parliament agenda.

It is also stated in the letter that parliament general secretary has informed this.

However the petitioners say that it has been proposed through this draft Telecommunication Tariff Bill to levy tariff with effect from April 1st this year.



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