"I don't say a culprit must necessarily die"


She is Janaki Suriyarachchi who has given her whole life for the world of children, renowned as an author of children’s stories relished by children everywhere, as well as an artiste, singer and a music composer.

This is the child’s world in her perspective:

How can we transform the child’s mind through art?
Children are like blotting papers – they like to imitate and get close to whatever they see or hear. Art – namely music and other arts can be used to inculcate good moral values as well as enhance knowledge and skills in children. Also ‘art’ can be used for the good of children. Art helps make children disciplined and instill team spirit in them. Further they are enabled to look at the world in the right perspective through an aesthetically enriched mind.

Can children be prevented from going astray through guiding them towards art?
Yes I think it is possible to a certain extent. As I mentioned earlier children become aesthetically enriched through art. They get the opportunity to focus themselves on something external to mere accumulation of knowledge. This can minimize the potential for the addiction into harmful habits.

How can the child be connected to art, and what methods must be followed in the process?
The initial step will be to get them to read various written articles, books etc. With the technological advances of this day and age there is a greater tendency for children to be more and more influenced everyday by computer games and TV.
Guiding children more towards reading will precede to their reading invaluable literary classics. They initially get used to read a children’s story or a short story. Also most importantly, parents must identify the talents of their children if they show remarkable aptitude in music and dancing etc. It is equally important to direct them towards these activities parallel with formal education. The necessary environment for this must be created through the school or at home.
Nevertheless I don’t like the competitive reality shows which are prevalent nowadays. If they grasp only its competition they become unable to reach beyond that mentality. Therefore I think it is important to focus on art for self-satisfaction. It will have good effect on them to direct them to various aesthetic activities relevant to their age groups.

How do you view the broadcast of child abuse through media nowadays?
The media must inform the society. Yet, the unnecessary transmission of information regarding criminal activities to the society will have detrimental effects, creating a totally unexpected image in society. The legal system must change so as the privacy of a person will be secured at a time the law is executed on a particular situation. Also a person must not be branded a culprit until he is convicted by law.

Don’t you think the creations about child abuse instill a pressure on the child’s mind?
A victimized child must be informed with extreme care and responsibility. Otherwise they can become mentally confused. Similarly one must take great care regarding the creations relevant to child abuse.

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