Tears of sorrow on Air and Marine tragedies


It was reported that several air and marine way tragics took place around the globe just within the past couple of months!

Commencing with the loss of Malaysian airliner MH370 with 239 passengers on board on the 8th of March is still a mystery!

Almost 300 people remain unaccounted for after a ferry carrying 459 people capsized and sank off South Korea.

The downing of the Malaysia Airlines jet in Ukraine with 298 passengers on board is still considered as a rebel held attack.

TransAsia Airways Flight GE222 departed from Kaohsiung International Airport in Taiwan was swept by a storm and crashed: reportedly 48 died on spot 10 sustained injuries.

Air Algérie Flight 5017, which went down in Mali, was the fourth airliner to suffer a disastrous crash in this year with 116 passengers on board.

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