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Risk of Skin and Eye Disease spread due to too bright Sun - Colombo National Hospital

Deputy Director of Colombo National Hospital, Doctor Samindi Samarakoon states that there is a risk of spreading skin and eye diseases these days due to... Read More


Garbage truck attacked at Wattala - Dumping garbage at Dompe temporarily suspended

Area residents from Nugape – Bopitiya – Wattala staged two protests today against dumping garbage collected in Colombo at the Muthurajawela... Read More


Government organizations in which Dengue Mosquitos found to be filed court case

Health Minister Rajitha Senarathne announces court cases will be filed against government offices if Dengue mosquitos found in those premises. Meanwhile, Health... Read More


  International News

Newborn girl is saved after being found stuck head-first down a toilet after her ‘clueless’ mother, 24, gave birth in a bathroom

A newborn girl was saved after being found stuck head-first down a toilet after her... Read More


Five-year-old boy dies after his head becomes stuck between a table and a wall at a high-rise rotating restaurant

A family’s outing to a landmark revolving restaurant turned to tragedy in Atlanta... Read More


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